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So it’s finally release day for our new album ‘Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier’! ️

This has been a long time coming after numerous covid related delays but we’re absolutely buzzing to finally bring it to you!

You can order your copies here via the store on our website store

We’ve got so many people to thank (and we’ll probably miss a few). As always we owe the biggest thank you to A1M Records Ltd The support over the last few years from Paul Travis has been amazing and it’s transformed the way we work and conduct ourselves. This will be our last release on A1M Records before we venture off on our own journey with Black Triangle Records but none of this could have been possible without A1M

There has been many additional people who have contributed greatly to this album. David Jay Hindley from Virus Syndicate helped to produce and write on some tracks and spending time with him in the studio was a lesson in itself. He helped us to raise our game and set new standards for us to achieve. Not only that but he’s one of the soundest guys you could meet and a pleasure to spend time with.

The guys at Cotyso Recording Studio also helped to mix ‘The War’ with us and did a great job on the track. Again they were a pleasure to work with and it was really special for us to mix a track in the same building that we had our first band rehearsal space aged 12/13. We truly completed the circle going back there. Finally on the studio side of things, a massive thanks to Barry at SafeandSound Mastering for a truly brilliant job of mastering the final tracks.

The amazing collaborators Scorzayzee and Yoko Pwno brought something new and special to our music and when people that you are huge fans of end up being on your help you can’t help but be excited. We also had the pleasure of working with some of our Alice’s choirs Swag Choir and Swaglets who were a joy to work with and seeing the insane amount of talent amongst this young bunch was a joy to behold

We’ve also had some amazing remixes done for tracks from this album and were blown away by the new ideas and concepts brought to life by Shapes, SOLA DnB and Dutta

The guys who do all the hard work in the background also deserve a huge shout out. Tom CDunity for pressing the albums, Republic of Music for their ongoing distribution support and Puffer Fish Press and Manilla PR Ltd for their relentless PR work. It's been an especially tough time for Tony at Manila so we'd like to wish him and his family all the best in these tough times. Also a big shout out to Malc Burke Photography of Y-Key Operators for capturing amazing pictures and footage throughout the process.

If we’ve missed anyone off this post then we’re sorry and we’re incredibly grateful for everyone’s help and support over the years.

All that is left to say is buy the album, stream it, listen to it in whatever way you choose and we hope that you enjoy it. We certainly enjoyed making it 🏻️

#iamamood #newmusic #newmusicfriday #newmusicalert #newalb

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