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Get To Know Our Klegg

Yes peeps, my names Klegg and I am one of the vocalists in the band and a Careers Teacher by day. I am an absolute nerd, which means I love anything Sci-fi or fantasy related, video games an all that good geeky shizzle. I think of myself as weird and revered

My favourite aspect of my craft would have to be flow patterns. Of course I focus on word play and everything else you'd expect to hear in a rap verse but there is something about the structure of different flow patterns that does it for me. I started writing bars at the age of around 15 after many moons trying to sing and it just wasn't happening (gave up on that pretty quick). I then heard someone rapping at school and i was hooked, been 19 years since that so it's been with me longer than my Mrs!

A couple of Moods, yeah they came to a show........

That was about 7 years ago and they have been stuck with me ever since. One of the best things I ever did was join this band and I am well fecking excited for the madness yet to come

IAM(and will always be)AMOOD

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