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Get To Know Our Dave

Next up on our getting to know us list is Mr O'Rourke, our spiritual Guru

Hi I'm Dave, bass player and lyricist in the moods. "Dreams should only die when you do"

Country England

Jobs: Paper Boy, Milk Boy. Pot Washer. Apprentice Cabinet Maker. Blow Moulder.

Country Israel

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Pot Washer. Labourer. Road Sweeper.

Country Cyprus

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Fountain Cleaner

Country Ireland

Jobs: Concrete Caster. Labourer. Fisherman. Vets Assistant. Stripper Gram. Grave Digger

Country Netherlands

Jobs: Order Picker. Labourer

Country England

Jobs: loads of graft again, and being in the moods #iamamood

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