We are back with new music, and feeling stronger than ever. After releasing missing peace, in Sept 2017, we have completed 3 UK tours including festival slots at Beat herder, Edinburgh fringe, Lindisfarne, Doune the rabbit hole and the BBC introducing stage at Highest Point.

One of the highlights of this summer was our New single Strong being chosen as part of the teakwando world championships closing ceremony, where we got to play Strong & Carnival live at the Manchester Arena in front of an audience of thousands.

Luckily we managed to get the whole day filmed and have created the video for strong from footage of that inspirational day. Including world champion athletes rising to the pinnacle of their sport and our beaming faces as we play such an iconic venue in our home town, check out the video live now and be inspired... Keep on keeping strong

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March 12, 2020



Used to play guitar.

Left the moods in 2011 to concentrate on my other band The Joint.

They were mint.

Got a bird.

She was a psycho.

Left her.

Left The Joint

Got depressed.

Spent 2 years on my mums couch tanning bare drink and drugs to mask the emptiness.

Quit music completely

Felt worse.

Took more drugs.

Eventually sorted my head out.

Met a bird who was not a psycho.

Felt better

Joined a band called

The Gas Panic.

Got sacked.

Joined The Moods again.

Made a sick album.

Now I just generally whinge about stuff.

Easily excited

Just as easily grumpy.

February 21, 2020

Another great studio session down at Black Triangle Studios. We were honoured to be in the presence of a true UK Hip Hop legend. Big thanks to Scorzayzee for coming down and making one of our new tracks sound better than we could've imagined.

The album is now officially Finished and we can't wait for you all to hear it. "Somebody's Hero Nobody's Soldier" released May 2020 See you at the Album Launch. Big thanks to Malc Burke Photography for the photo's.


February 6, 2020

Next up on our getting to know us list is Mr O'Rourke, our spiritual Guru

Hi I'm Dave, bass player and lyricist in the moods. "Dreams should only die when you do"

Country England

Jobs: Paper Boy, Milk Boy. Pot Washer. Apprentice Cabinet Maker. Blow Moulder.

Country Israel

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Pot Washer. Labourer. Road Sweeper.

Country Cyprus

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Fountain Cleaner

Country Ireland

Jobs: Concrete Caster. Labourer. Fisherman. Vets Assistant. Stripper Gram. Grave Digger

Country Netherlands

Jobs: Order Picker. Labourer

Country England

Jobs: loads of graft again, and being in the moods #iamamood

January 29, 2020

Kicking off our season of getting to know us will be Phillip Horrocks. We know him as Flip and here is a little bit about the lad.

Hi, I'm Philip, one of two drummers for The Moods. When I'm not putting my time into music i like playing video games. If i wasn't in a band i reckon i would spend more of my time gaming. From an early age, maybe 7 or 8, I've gamed. My first console was a Sega Master System. Even now writing this, I smile at all the good memories. Another interest of mine outside of music is old Kung Fu films. It started when i was a kid with a tv programme called 'Monkey' from the 60s (i think haha) aswell a...

January 7, 2020

Calling all Bands.

To celebrate the opening of our brand new studio, Black Triangle Records will be running a Battle Of The Bands Competition with a chance to win a Development Deal worth £2500.

This will include: A 3 track EP. A music video. EP Launch night. CD Pressing And More!!

If you fancy your chances of winning this prize please send us a video of your best live performance to blacktriangleevents@hotmail.com

January 3, 2020

The Moods are a 9 piece band from Manchester who mix a multitude of genres to create a sound like no other.

This you know already but how much do you actually know about the members that make up this urban collective.

Stay tuned for some personal blogs in the next few weeks about ... US


December 10, 2019

Check out our unplugged version of Strong which we are releasing this Christmas. A beautiful rendition of our latest single played by our very own John, Alice and Kolega


Set to be released on Friday the 13th of December on all good music platforms

You can get an exclusive first look of the video here on IAMAMOOD.COM

(Check the video section of our site or use the link below)



November 24, 2019

Check out this review of our latest single from the guys at Dancing About Architecture. Everybody is a mood ;-)

Dancing About Architecture

Check out our latest E.P here 


November 15, 2019

Thank you for checking out our latest news here @ IAMAMOOD.com. If you want to hear a little bit more from us then why not check out our social media platforms 






November 13, 2019

Following the release of our latest single 'Strong', the guys over at Louder Than War have kindly had a listen a wrote a review we wanted to share with you all. Check it out with the link below. While your there bookmark the page as the guys get about and have the low down on a lot of what goes on



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