Our new album 'Somebody's Hero, Nobody's Soldier' is now finished. Due to the current situation we have had to delay the release and postpone the accompanying tour. However, don't despair! We have a whole load of new material for you to check out in the coming months including live videos, new single releases and special acoustic versions of the new tracks.
The new album marks a massive step forward in terms of writing and production and we can not wait for you to all hear it. In the meantime, check out our Spotify and Youtube channels for all of our existing music and we look forward to seeing you all when this is all over and things return to normal.
Stay safe
The Moods

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August 21, 2020

 “The rise and fall of America. A bullet spangled banner on the grave. The rise and fall of America. Home of the bullets & the gun & the land of the crazed ” 

We wrote this as a play on words of the American national anthem. It seems the main export of the USA these days is weapons and war. We also have a nice twist on the constitution, amendments and the right to arm bears, as bears are dangerous enough without guns. As always we aim to make the listener question and think about what’s happening in today’s western civilisation. Spearheaded by the mighty dollar



May 30, 2020

It's nearly that time when we hit the road again and spread The Moods message. What towns and cities would you like to see us play?

Hit us up on social media and let us know your suggestions. Somebody's Hero Nobody's Soldier will be hitting stores soon and we could be playing in your home town

See you soon


May 23, 2020

Here's a little preview of a track from our soon to be released new album, Somebody's Hero Nobody's Soldier

With a little help from friends and fans, we have also made a video. Big thanks to everyone who sent us a clip of them having a good old skank to the track


April 23, 2020

During these crazy times we want to wish you well and hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. We have a few Green Thumbs in our midst who have been putting some little videos together to help you start growing your own produce from the comfort of your own garden. Check out the page with the link below


Stay safe

The Moods

April 13, 2020

For our latest issue of 'Get to know us' we would like to present the spring chicken of the band, Charlie.

Yo, I’m Charlie and I’m the Trumpet player for The Moods. Rumour has it that I wasn’t born when Missing Peace was released, and that Anne Widdecombe is my nan. I moved to Manchester from York for university and I’m proud to be an adopted Mancunion. I work in sponsorship and fundraising for two music charities. Have you ever watched an England football game and wanted to murder that trumpeter that always play the same song? That’s me!

I’m excited for Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier to be released, and even more excit...

April 10, 2020

Cast your eye over this if you have 10 minutes to spare. Keep that brain ticking over whilst we're all in isolation.

Stay safe


March 12, 2020



Used to play guitar.

Left the moods in 2011 to concentrate on my other band The Joint.

They were mint.

Got a bird.

She was a psycho.

Left her.

Left The Joint

Got depressed.

Spent 2 years on my mums couch tanning bare drink and drugs to mask the emptiness.

Quit music completely

Felt worse.

Took more drugs.

Eventually sorted my head out.

Met a bird who was not a psycho.

Felt better

Joined a band called

The Gas Panic.

Got sacked.

Joined The Moods again.

Made a sick album.

Now I just generally whinge about stuff.

Easily excited

Just as easily grumpy.

February 21, 2020

Another great studio session down at Black Triangle Studios. We were honoured to be in the presence of a true UK Hip Hop legend. Big thanks to Scorzayzee for coming down and making one of our new tracks sound better than we could've imagined.

The album is now officially Finished and we can't wait for you all to hear it. "Somebody's Hero Nobody's Soldier" released May 2020 See you at the Album Launch. Big thanks to Malc Burke Photography for the photo's.


February 6, 2020

Next up on our getting to know us list is Mr O'Rourke, our spiritual Guru

Hi I'm Dave, bass player and lyricist in the moods. "Dreams should only die when you do"

Country England

Jobs: Paper Boy, Milk Boy. Pot Washer. Apprentice Cabinet Maker. Blow Moulder.

Country Israel

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Pot Washer. Labourer. Road Sweeper.

Country Cyprus

Jobs: Fruit Picker. Fountain Cleaner

Country Ireland

Jobs: Concrete Caster. Labourer. Fisherman. Vets Assistant. Stripper Gram. Grave Digger

Country Netherlands

Jobs: Order Picker. Labourer

Country England

Jobs: loads of graft again, and being in the moods #iamamood

January 29, 2020

Kicking off our season of getting to know us will be Phillip Horrocks. We know him as Flip and here is a little bit about the lad.

Hi, I'm Philip, one of two drummers for The Moods. When I'm not putting my time into music i like playing video games. If i wasn't in a band i reckon i would spend more of my time gaming. From an early age, maybe 7 or 8, I've gamed. My first console was a Sega Master System. Even now writing this, I smile at all the good memories. Another interest of mine outside of music is old Kung Fu films. It started when i was a kid with a tv programme called 'Monkey' from the 60s (i think haha) aswell a...

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